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The European Central Bank Favours EVS

In preparing for its November 2014 takeover of banking supervisory power, the ECB required the biggest banks in the Union subject to the SSM to value their real estate exposures in line with EVS within the Asset Quality Review process, emphasising that if other standards are chosen, in case of conflict, EVS prevails.

EU Commission

Krzysztof Grzesik meets with Joseph Houlihan, Chairman of the Managing Committee of EPF

Krzysztof Grzesik and Joseph Houlihan have met for the first time since the former's election to the Chairmanship of TEGoVA earlier this year.


Our Chairman talks with Leon Goldwater, Editor in Chief of 'Europe Real Estate', about the role of TEGoVA as an international valuation association.

Is TEGoVA truly representative of the European valuation profession?

With 59 national associations of valuers from 32 countries, I think so.

What distinguishes TEGoVA from the other international valuation standard setters?

Fundamentally, our recognition that the EU's 'ever closer Union' extends to property markets and professionals....