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Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria (CIAB)
country flag


G. S. Rakovski Str., 122 B
BG-1000 Sofia

Tel: + 359 2 483 38 63
+ 359 884 113 900



President: Lyudmil Simov
Directors: Gueorgui Andonov, Mara Ivanova, Kiril Gueorguiev, Vencislav Nenov, Ivan Mitev, Eli Moneva
Managing Director: Iliya Hrischev
Secretariat: 4 staff in Sofia and another 4 in the regional branches in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas

Number of direct members: 892
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 892
Number of valuation companies: none

Member of TEGoVA since: 2012
Category of membership: Full


CIAB is a professional organisation of individual valuers practicing appraisal across the territory of Republic of Bulgaria

Permanent Representative to TEGoVA

Eli Moneva

Member of the Board

Mob.: +359 887 80 32 32
E-mail: emoneva@bbfltd.com

Brief History and Role

The Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria (CIAB) is a legal entity of own financing with headquarters in Sofia which was set down in the Law of Independent Appraisers. It was established by its Constituent Assembly in March 2009 were its Statutes, the Professional Ethics Code were accepted, and the chairs and the members of the Board of Trustees, the Control Council and the Professional Ethics Commission were elected. CIAB was registered on the Registry Agency on 13th May, 2009.
CIAB is a professional organisation of physical entities practicing appraisal across the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. CIAB provides and guarantees practicing of the independent appraiser's profession in social interest. It is the empowered body to certify the independent appraiser professional qualification under the Law of Certifying of Professional Qualifications.

Principal Activities

The Chamber of Independent appraisers organises and conducts the independent appraisers' activities by the following:
• Organises and conducts examinations of candidates for independent appraisers. The Chamber is the only issuer of the Certificate of Independent Appraiser;
• Registers independent appraisers
• Administers the Public Register of the Independent Appraisers;
• Organises upgrading qualification courses for its members;
• Approves appraisal standards;
• Issues reference books and other guides through which keeps methodological guidance on the independent appraisers' practice;
• Creates, approves and puts into practice a system of control and reporting results of the independent appraisers' practice;
• Traces of proper observation of the Professional Ethics Code;
• Assists in arranging disputes and arguments between independent appraisers, so as between them and third sides;
• Communicates the independent appraisers' society with authorities, organisations both local and international, and with the civil society,
• And practices various other activities, set out in its Statutes.

Principal Areas of Policy

• Professional qualification and certification;
• Creation and promoting of professional standards;
• Keeping professional ethics observation;
• Establishing business inner and international relations.


The Chamber of Independent Appraisers ruling and control bodies are the General Assembly, the Board of Trustees (consisting of chairman plus 6 board members), the Control Council (consisting of chairman plus 4 council members), and the Professional Ethics Commission (consisting of chairman plus 4 commission members).

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees is the empowered representative of the Chamber.

The Chamber is a uniform organisation throughout the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. According to a resolution of the Board of Trustees 8 local divisions were established, all of them regional bodies structured according the Statutes of the Chamber.


Every independent appraiser entered on the Register of the Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria has the right to be a member of the Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria. Every member shall pay annual membership dues.


* Publications on the Chambers' site.

* A (periodical) edition of the Chamber is planned to be issued in near future.

* CIAB translated the European Valuation Standards 2009 into Bulgarian.