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June 22, 2017 - June 23, 2017

The Independent Valuers Society of Georgia (IVSG) is pleased to invite you to attend the second international Valuation conference "International Valuation Practices".

22-23 June 2017, Hotel Courtyard Marriott, Tbilisi, Georgia


Main topics:

Discussion of modern practices in Valuation and international experience in the development of valuation activities.


Valuers, representatives of professional international organizations of Valuers (western and eastern Europe, countries of the former CIS, USA), representatives of commercial banks and state organizations of Georgia (ministries, Tbilisi City hall), representatives of Auditor Companies, developers, insurance, representatives of international organizations etc.

The main topics

Topic 1:

- Valuation of property for mortgage, for financial reporting purposes

- Valuation of objects of cultural heritage

- Valuation agricultural land

Topic 2:

The role of Valuation standards (IVS, EVS) and their influence on valuation practice

* The schedule of work and topics of the reports will be reflected in the conference program