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You can search for the REV and TRV valuers and the REVC companies.

AMA: TEGoVA member association with the right to award Recognised European Valuer (REV)

C-AMA: TEGoVA member association with the right to award Recognised European Valuation Company (REVC) status.

R-AMA: TEGoVA member association with the right to award TEGoVA Residential Valuer (TRV) status.

Achach, Franck Antibes REV-FR/CEIF-FNAIM/2020/14 details 
Adriaenssens, Gérard Tours REV-F/CEIF-FNAIM/2014/23 details 
Albert, Charles Paris REV-F/CEIF-FNAIM/2018/7 details 
Allard, Bernard Vatan REV-FR/CEIF-FNAIM/2021/6 details 
Antoine, Benoit Ronchin REV-F/CEIF-FNAIM/2018/8 details 
Atlan, Philippe Dijon REV-F/CEIF-FNAIM/2017/2 details 
Bahin, Laurent Paris REV-F/CEIF-FNAIM/2014/16 details 
Barral, Germain Marseille REV-F/CEIF-FNAIM/2018/9 details 
Baudic, Cyril Sainte Maxime REV-FR/CEIF-FNAIM/2021/7 details 
Baudic, Cyril Saint-Tropez TRV-FR/CEIF-FNAIM/2023/3 details 
Behar-Touitou, Rapha√ęlle Marseille REV-FR/CEIF-FNAIM/2021/31 details¬†
Ben Arbia, Mohamed Montbazon REV-FR/CEIF-FNAIM/2021/33 details 
Ben Arbia, Mohamed Rennes TRV-FR/CEIF-FNAIM/2023/4 details 
Berteaux, Frédéric Paris REV-F/CEIF-FNAIM/2018/10 details 
Besancon, Francis Domfront en Champagne REV-FR/CEIF-FNAIM/2021/1 details 
Beslon, Antoine Paris REV-F/CEIF-FNAIM/2018/1 details 
Bétaille, Alain Paris REV-F/CEIF-FNAIM/2018/2 details 
Bienabe, Pascale Paris REV-F/CEIF-FNAIM/2014/17 details 
Blond, David Besancon REV-FR/CEIF-FNAIM/2022/1 details 
Bordes, Sandrine Nice REV-F/CEIF-FNAIM/2014/13 details 
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Awarding Member Associations

To date, the awarding member associations which have the right to award recognitions are: