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You can search for the REV and TRV valuers and the REVC companies.

AMA: TEGoVA member association with the right to award Recognised European Valuer (REV)

C-AMA: TEGoVA member association with the right to award Recognised European Valuation Company (REVC) status.

R-AMA: TEGoVA member association with the right to award TEGoVA Residential Valuer (TRV) status.

Aalto, Maria Augsburg REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2019/1 details 
Ackermann, Carsten Hagen REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2019/2 details 
Ackermann, Jörg Hagen REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2016/1 details 
Adam, Alexander München REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2016/2 details 
Adema, Frank Amsterdam REV-DE/HypZert/2021/1 details 
Ahmann, Kerstin Billerbeck REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2016/3 details 
Albrecht, Markus Nürnberg REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2016/4 details 
Albrecht, Uwe Neuss REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2016/5 details 
Albs, Nicky Hamburg REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2016/6 details 
Allgaier, Ralf Rottweil REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2019/67 details 
Allmann, Reiner Grafing REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2016/7 details 
Alter, Andreas Viernheim REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2017/37 details 
Anders, Jörg Hamburg REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2017/10 details 
Angerer, Arnim Mühltal REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2016/8 details 
Aplienz, Christian Wien REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2019/117 details 
Arndt, Christina Braunschweig REV-DE/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2020/1 details 
Arnhold, Klaus Mainz REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2016/9 details 
Arroyo, Enrique Madrid REV-DE/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2020/48 details 
Askew, Joshua GB-London REV-DE/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2020/53 details 
Atride, Muriel Paris REV-D/vdp-VÖB-HypZert/2019/128 details 
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Awarding Member Associations

To date, the awarding member associations which have the right to award recognitions are: