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REV & TRV Register

You can search for the REV and TRV valuers.

AMA: TEGOVA member association with the right to award Recognised European Valuer (REV)

R-AMA: TEGOVA member association with the right to award TEGoVA Residential Valuer (TRV) status.

Adams, Jeroen Hoogeloon REV-NL/NVM/2022/5 details 
Ansems, G.L. Heeze REV-NL/NVM/2024/13 details 
Bangert, Joep Amsterdam REV-NL/NVM/2020/18 details 
Barnhoorn, Aad Leiden REV-NL/NVM/2020/12 details 
Beckers, L.J. Heerlen REV-NL/NVM/2024/7 details 
Begijn, Ton Vlissingen REV-NL/NVM/2025/2 details 
Bentum, Pouwel Hoogeveen REV-NL/NVM/2020/19 details 
Blankestijn, X.M. Castricum REV-NL/NVM/2024/20 details 
Boerlage, M.A.F. Hoorn REV-NL/NVM/2024/12 details 
Boers, Henri Jan Geert Borne REV-NL/NVM/2021/3 details 
Borgdorff, Jos Wateringen REV-NL/NVM/2020/20 details 
Brouwer, Ramon Krommenie REV-NL/NVM/2020/21 details 
Bruggeman, Jacob Bastiaan Wemeldinge REV-NL/NVM/2024/5 details 
Cirk, Johannes Den Haag REV-NL/NVM/2020/22 details 
de Groot, Adriaan Waarder REV-NL/NVM/2023/3 details 
De Jong, P.A.J. Polsbroek REV-NL/NVM/2024/21 details 
de Kruyff, Edwin Arnhem REV-NL/NVM/2020/2 details 
de Waard, Jan Ried REV-NL/NVM/2021/1 details 
den Daas, Cor Leusden REV-NL/NVM/2020/13 details 
den Hartog, Remko Amsterdam REV-NL/NVM/2020/5 details 
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Awarding Member Associations

To date, the awarding member associations which have the right to award recognitions are: