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European Valuer's Code of Conduct

The European Valuer's Code of Conduct, which is part of EVS, applies to individuals and valuation companies.


TEGOVA expects valuers in its member associations to adhere, as a matter of personal responsibility, to this Code which is founded on: • The principles of professional behaviour; and • The expectation of clients that a valuation will be prepared professionally by a qualified valuer.

Valuers are to uphold and demonstrate professional standards in their work and so safeguard the trust placed in them by clients to whom a duty of care is owed, regulatory authorities and, more generally, by society.

This TEGOVA Code embeds the values of:

• Fairness;
• A proper professional respect for others and for standards;
• Responsibility and trustworthiness.

Such professional standards extend beyond the requirements of law (which bear on all persons) and require a duty of care to the client and respect for others, acting to the best of the valuer's ability without discriminating against individuals in respect of their nationality, ancestry, race or social origin, colour, religion, belief or political opinion, marital status, gender, gender expression or sexual orientation, age or disability.

A breach of this Code by a valuer may give rise to disciplinary action by the relevant member association and possible loss of the valuer's status as a Recognised European Valuer (REV) or TEGOVA Residential Valuer (TRV).