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National Association of Valuers of Montenegro 
country flag


ul Studentska lamela 11
ME-81000 Podgorica

Tel: +382 69 343 692
+382 20 220 413


President: Milan Mirković REV
Vice-Presidents: Nataša Gačević
Managing Board: Tamara Gredić REV; Svetlana Kastratović REV; Irena Samardžić REV; Rajka Popović REV; Dušan Milošević REV; Mihailo Rakočević REV
Secretary: Milena Makočević
Secretariat staff: 1

Number of direct members: 15
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 9

Member of TEGoVA since: April 2017
Category of membership: Associate


Founded in October 2016, NAVM has the mission to promote international property valuation standards and valuation practice in Montenegro.

Permanent Representatives to TEGoVA

Milan Mirković

Milan Mirković REV

President of NUPCG

Graduate Civil Engineer
Permanent Court Expert

Kaba Inženjering
Real estate valuation

Mobile: +382 69 012 292

Nataša Gačević

Nataša Gačević REV

Chairman of the Managing Board of NUPCG

Member of Managing Board of Montenegrin Centre of Energy Efficiency
Graduated Civil Engineer
Permanent Court Expert

Penef Inženjering
Real estate valuation

Mobile: +382 67 308 509

Brief History and Role

The National Association of Valuers of Montenegro (NAVM) was founded in October 2016 with the mission to promote international property valuation standards and valuation practice and to assemble appraisers with the purpose of promoting the development of the profession.

Principal Activities

  • Association and membership of experts in the area of valuation of tangible assets, capital and intangible assets, in order to promote the profession and protect its professional interests;

  • Promotion of principles and application of international valuations standards, valuation profession and professional position of the authorized valuers in Montenegro;

  • Education and membership of experts in the area of valuation of tangible assets, intangible assets and capital;

  • Implementation of promotional, educational and scientific projects;

  • Participation in the development of legal and technical regulations and standards in the area of valuation;

  • Exchange of professional experience and professional development of members;

  • Timely provision of necessary scientific and business information, aimed at enabling participation of the members in the decision-making processes with competent bodies;

  • Application of national valuation standards and their harmonization with international valuation standards;

  • Adoption of the Code of Professional Ethics for valuers who are members of the NAVM;

  • Adoption of training program and training of candidates, organization of exams, issuance of certificates for obtaining professional titles, and adoption of rules for continued professional development, in accordance with international and national requirements for professional development;

  • Stipulating the conditions for issuing, extending and revoking the certificates for performing valuation of tangible assets, capital and intangible assets;

  • Keeping records of issued certificates for the professional title of valuer of tangible assets, capital and intangible assets (real estate and equipment);

  • Determining criteria for recognition of professional degrees obtained abroad, and implementing the procedure;

  • Promoting the valuation profession and the need for its institutionalization;

  • Exchanging experience, ideas, opinions and information among valuers;

  • Cooperation with competent authorities and state agencies in Montenegro, aimed at institutionalizing the valuation profession;

  • Cooperation with non-governmental organizations and other institutions in Montenegro, and with international organizations in the area of valuation.

Brief Areas of Policy

  • Providing continuous professional development to its members;

  • Promoting principles of international valuation standards;

  • Promoting values and importance of the valuation profession in Montenegro, and improving professional position of the valuers;

  • Publishing printed and electronic material;

  • Cooperating with universities, professional associations and other organizations performing related activities from public, business and non-profit/non-governmental sector in Montenegro and abroad;

  • Designing and implementing scientific, educational and research projects;

  • Bringing together public, business and non-governmental sector, in order to improve mutual cooperation;

  • Organizing professional development training, roundtable discussions and conferences for acquiring skills and knowledge in the area of valuation, implementing campaigns for promoting the profession, intersectoral cooperation, and other areas of interest for a sustainable and successful operation of the Association;

  • Providing for attendance of valuers at educational meetings at home and abroad,

  • Issuing certificates for the professional title of certified valuer, pursuant to existing rulebooks and procedures;

  • Issuing certificates, in accordance with this Statute and rulebooks;

  • Other tasks in accordance with the NAVM's objectives.


The bodies of the association are:

  • The General Assembly

  • The Chairman

  • The Management Board

  • Disciplinary Committee

NAVM also have:

  • Commission for continuing professional education

  • Commission for Accreditation


According to Statute NAVM has three levels of membership:

  • Accredited members

  • Basic members

  • Members of honor



Awarding member association

Recognised European Valuer
Awarding Member Association

The association has the right to award Recognised European Valuer status (designated by the letters REV) to its members.