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Federation of Appraisal Colleges of Mexico 
country flag


Insurgentes Sur N° 1480 Área Privada 4 Col. Insurgentes Mixcoac
C.P. 03920 México, D.F., Delegación Benito Juárez

Tel: +52 55-553466273 / +52 55-55346467
Fax: +52 55-55346467
Mobile: +52 6621030328


President: Gustavo Alfonso Reyes Aguiar (E.V. Arq.)
Vice-President: Javier Furlong Salgado (Mtro. en Val. Ing.)
1st Secretary: Dulce Carolina Samberino Marín (Mtra. en Val. Arq.)
2nd Secretary: Mauricio Rico Landín (Esp. en Val. Ing.)
Treasurer: Mario Rubén Sánchez Márquez (Mtro. en Val. Arq.)
Number of staff: 10

Number of direct members: 48 associations/colleges
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 2.500

Member of TEGoVA since: October 2019
Category of membership: Observer


FECOVAL is made up of 48 associations of appraisers throughout the Mexican Republic, representing 2,500 appraisers.

Permanent Representatives to TEGoVA

Gustavo Alfonso Reyes Aguiar

Gustavo Alfonso Reyes Aguiar (E.V. Arq.)


Mob +52 1 662 103 03 28

Javier Furlong Salgado

Javier Furlong Salgado (Mtro. en Val. Ing.)


Mobile: +52 664 648 88 28

Brief History and Role

FECOVAL is a civil association with more than 60 years at the service of appraisers giving certainty to the assets of Mexicans. Based on Mexican Laws and in particular under the terms and provisions of the Federal District Civil Code and the corresponding provisions of laws and codes of the States of the Mexican Republic and in Federal Matters.

Principal Activities

  • Group the Asociaciones de Valuadores de la República Mexicana
  • To offer an educational service of quality through the implementation of academic master degree and updating programs in order to achieve a professional education that improving the valuation practice.
  • Cooperate with the organizing committees, conventions and congresses about valuation.
  • Support valuation professional practice of the members of the associated Colegios de Valuadores.

Principal Areas of Policy

  • Promote before federal, state and municipal authorities the integration in the corresponding laws and regulations, all provisions that constitute the adequate legal framework to the professional valuation activities, resulting in benefits to society.
  • Propose to State Organizations at the three government levels and where it is convenient, the collaboration of this Federation, or its associated Colegios and their members in all aspects relative to valuation.
  • Represent all associates of FECOVAL´s Professional appraisers, in the promotion and defending of their legitimate rights before the Federal, State or Municipal Government.
  • Promote everything that increase the prestige of valuation, enabling it to associate with similar national and international organizations.


FECOVAL is made up of 48 associations of appraisers throughout the Mexican Republic, representing 2,500 appraisers.

It is headquartered in Mexico City and has a representative in each state.

Membership to Other Organisations

  • Member of the Pan American Association of Valuation Associations, A.C.
  • Member of the International Valuations Standards Council,
  • Member of the World Association of Valuation Organizations
  • Member of Pan Pacific Congress of Real Estate Appraisers


Every six months we publish "El Valuador Profesional" magazine, in English and Spanish, as well as several books on real estate valuation, machinery, equipment, and capitalization rates.


We constantly hold Forums and Symposiums, to promote and position our associates with high quality events, as well as holding our international valuation congress every year.