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Verband Österreichischer Immobiliensachverständiger 
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Am Hof 5
AT-1010 Vienna

Tel: + 43 (1)535 69 40
Fax: + 43 (1)535 69 40 - 30


President: Gerald Hubner MRICS REV
Vice-President: Detlev Gross FRICS REV
Secretary: Dr. Michael Reinberg PHD FRICS CRE REV
Treasurer: Dr. Heinz Muhr FRICS REV
Secretariat: 1 staff

Number of direct members: 12 full members; 3 associate members
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 13
Number of valuation companies: 0

Member of TEGoVA since: 2010
Category of membership: Full


ARE was founded in 2009 to represent Austrian valuers on an international level.

Permanent Representatives to TEGoVA

G. Hubner

Dr. Gerald Hubner MRICS REV


Hölzl & Hubner Immobilien GmbH
Founding Partner
Innsbrucker Bundesstraße 67
A-5020 Salzburg
T: + 43 662 83 00 43-17
F: +43 662 83 00 43-5

D. Gross

Mag. Detlev Gross FRICS REV


Schwarzspanierstraße 11
A-1090 Vienna
T: + 43 1 408 52 49
F: + 43 1 405 10 58

H. Muhr

Dr. Heinz Muhr FRICS REV


CONTEC Immobilienvermittlung GmbH
Managing Partner
Am Hof 5
A-1010 Vienna
T: + 43 1 535 69 40
F: + 43 1 535 69 40-30

M. Reinberg

Dr. Michael P. Reinberg PhD FRICS CRE REV


REINBERG & PARTNER Immobilienberatung GmbH
St-Veit-Gasse 65
A-1130 Wien
T: +43 1 8764255
F: +43 1 8764255-15

Brief History & Role

The ARE was founded in 2009 to represent Austrian valuers at an international level. ARE has set itself the goal to support the activity of real estate valuers taking into account national and international valuation standards.

Principal Areas of Policy

* Lobbying: ARE does lobbying activities in Vienna.
* Members Services: Councelling, representation and special services for members.
* Education: Organisation of own seminars and training events.
* Networking: Contact with other national and international real estate organisationss and participation in the big real estate events like EXPO Real in Munich and Vienna.


The bodies of the Club are:

1. the General Assembly
2. the Advisory Committee
3. the Executive Board (referred to as "Board" in the subject bylaws)
4. the Auditors
5. the Arbitration Panel


1. All members have the right to participate in the General Assembly and general events of the Club. Only ordinary members shall have a vote in the General Assembly.

2. All ordinary members shall have the right to vote; the right to be elected shall be limited to ordinary members who are natural persons or authorized officials of a legal entity that is an ordinary member.

3. All members shall be obliged to undertake their best efforts to promote the purposes of the Club, to pay the membership fees in due time and to fulfill the bylaws and the decisions made by the Board in the framework of the bylaws.

4. All members shall agree to obey the ethical code of ARE during the period of their membership, which shall be confirmed by signing the ethical code of VÖI before admission.

5. In general, all members are obliged to refrain from any action which may harm the reputation and purpose of the Club; in particular, they are obliged to immediately notify the Club in case of deletion from the list of court experts /chartered surveyors.

6. Ordinary members who are active real-estate surveyors shall be obliged to participate in training in the framework of the quality assurance system established by the Board and to submit evidence of compliance with this requirement to the person designated as authorized quality assurance officer by the Board.

7. Every member shall be entitled to request a copy of the bylaws from the Board.

8. A minimum of one tenth of all members may request the Board to convene a members' meeting.

9. The Board shall inform the members in a members' meeting at least once a year about the activity and financial status of the Club. If one tenth or more of the members demand such information giving reasons for such a request, the Board shall be obliged to provide the requested information to the inquiring members within a period of four weeks in any case.

10. All members are entitled to receive information on the audited accounts from the Board. If such information is provided during the General Assembly, the Auditors shall take part in the assembly.


ARE translated the European Valuation Standards 2016 into German.

Awarding member association

Recognised European Valuer
Awarding Member Association

The association has the right to award Recognised European Valuer status (designated by the letters REV) to its members.