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Bureau for Court Expertise  
country flag


Building of Macedonian Television
18 Goce Delcev Street, 19 Floor
MK-1000 Skopje
Republic of North Macedonia

Tel: + 389 2 3222 880


General Manager: Valdet Xhaferi
Secretariat: 29

Number of direct members: 10
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 110

Member of TEGoVA since: 2013
Category of membership: Associate


Permanent Representative to TEGoVA

Valdet Xhaferi

Valdet Xhaferi

General Manager

Tel: +389 2 3222 880

Brief History and Role

Bureau for Court Expertise was founded in 1979 as a specialized expert body within the Ministry of Justice that provides expertise and valuation in many areas for public and private sector.

As an important segment in the country's judicial system, BSV offers quality and efficient assistance to the courts in solving the complex legal actions in accordance with domestic legal regulations and standards.

Its principal mission is the professional and certain expertise in the proceedings before the courts.

Principal Activities

Expertise in the following fields:
• Economic and financial
• Construction and architecture
• Traffic and mechanical engineering
• Electrical engineering,
• Agriculture,
• Forestry,
• Geology,
• Geodesy,
• Graphology.

Principal Areas of Policy

• court expertise in various areas
• evaluation of capital, equipment and property
• influence and advice to the Macedonian legislature especially for valuation standards and methodologies


BSV is specialised expert body within the Ministry of Justice, which is managed by a Director appointed by the government.


BSV has 15 court experts-valuers with rich experience and knowledge, registered in the Registry of Court Experts in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Macedonia.