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Confederation of Property Valuers 
country flag


6, rue Chardin
FR-75016 Paris

Tel: +33 1 45 27 02 00
Fax: +33 1 45 27 02 15


President: Thomas Augustin
Vice-Presidents: Lionel Hebert, Denis Grapton
Secretary General: Dominique Geoffroy
Treasurer: Eric Desrousseaux
Secretariat: 2 staff

Number of Direct Members: 578
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 370

Member of TEGoVA since: 2010
Category of Membership: Full


Founded in 1946, the Confédération des Experts Fonciers (CEF) unites and represents land and agriculture surveyors.

Permanent Representative to TEGoVA

Mark Booth

Mark Booth

Expert Foncier, agricole et immobilier
Chair of the CEF/TEGoVA Committee

Specialists in agricultural valuations & agribusiness investment analysis
FR-15 Rue Du Chateau 86460 Availles Limouzine

Tel: +33 5 49 48 30 77
Mobile: +33 6 07 01 97 06
E-mail: fft@orange.fr

Brief History and Role

The syndicate was founded in 1946 in the Bouches-du-Rhône, as the CNEAF (National confederation of experts in agriculture and land). Previously, a departmental association of land and agriculture surveyors was founded in 1910 in the Cher. The confederation developed to form a National association in 1958 uniting all the different regional associations of land and agriculture surveyors.

In the 1950's, some 1,800 professionals were practicing the profession of land and agriculture surveyor, with no professional recognition or regulation, using the title "agriculture and land surveyor".

Under the leadership of the confederation and its counterpart in forest expertise, the law of 5th July 1972 recognised both titles by the registration on a national list, compiled by the Ministry of Agriculture, and annually published in the Official Gazette.

From 1985, the profession experienced many legislative and regulatory changes that confirmed the protection of the title, but also consumer protection by requiring that the surveyors liability insurance, and allowing the surveyors to organise themselves in partnerships and practice real estate under certain conditions.

In 1993, the CNEAF became the CEAFI (confederation of experts in agriculture, land and real estate).

In 2006, the National Council of Expertise in Agriculture, Land and Forest (CNEFAF) was founded by law. It regulates and licenses the practice of land and agriculture surveyor and forest surveyor.

In 2007, the CEAFI became the CEF (Confederation of land surveyors). Because of the inversion of the terms "agriculture" and "land" in the title, the profession decided that land surveyor was a uniting term covering both agricultural and real estate expertise.

The Confédération des Experts Fonciers is the syndicate which unites and represents land and agriculture surveyors, and some real estate surveyors in France (metropolitan France and its overseas territories). 75% of the land and agriculture surveyors are members of our syndicate.

The CEF is a network of surveyors, that provides training to its members and through which they can share their knowledge and experience.

Principal Activities

* Publication of an annual directory that we send to a number of our potential principals (more than 2,500 recipients)

* Publication of a leaflet presenting the profession, available to all members who request it, private publicity being forbidden.

* Publication of the quarterly magazine "Le trait d'union de l'expertise" which we also send to a large number of our potential principals. This magazine if both a showcase of our profession and source of information for all surveyors.

* Publication of a methodological guide for the exclusive use of our members.

* A dynamic and interactive website. The private section is reserved to our members: it provides them with professional information; they can also debate on the forum. In the public section those interested can find explanations about the profession and the missions of the surveyors and a directory in which they can find a surveyor by locality or speciality.

* The Center of expertise is the result of working groups of experts drawing up summary sheets on various issues we face everyday in our valuations.

* The possibility to subscribe at moderate cost to liability insurance through the group, contract negotiated with an insurance company for our members to cover the needs of our practice.

* Access to a free legal service.

* Since 2008, the CEF has set up an annual program for professional training. It is elaborated with the regional associations and gives the members an opportunity to be trained in the specific fields of our practice at a moderate cost. The CEF actively contributes to giving every surveyor, in any area of France, the opportunity to attend training sessions in order to satisfy the requirement of professional training required to be registered on the national list of the land and agriculture surveyors.

* Organisation every three years of a national congress which, besides the quality and relevance of professional training and round tables, enables a large number of surveyors to meet and share experiences and fellowship.

Principal Areas of Policy

The practice of land and agriculture expertise is regulated by the rural code: articles L.171-1, L.171-2, L.171-3 and articles R.171-1 to R.171-29 and R.172-2 to R.172-10.

The practice in a partnership form is also regulated by decrees 86-636 and 92-789.

The practice of land surveyor is regulated and licensed by the Conseil National de l'Expertise Foncière, Agricole et Forestière (CNEFAF - National Council of land and forest surveyors). The registration on the National list, published each year by the CNEFAF, depends on the diplomas and the professional experience in land value (agriculture and buildings). In order to stay on the list, each surveyor must give proof of his independence, and meet the insurance (with minimum amounts of guarantee) and professional training obligations.

The land and agriculture surveyors are committed to a Code of conduct (decree n°2008-1426).


The syndicate is represented in the country by 14 regional associations. Some regional associations are made of several departmental (county) associations.

The confederation of land surveyors is administered by a board of administrators and a High Council.

The High Council is composed of the president of each regional association, plus 8 members elected for a 2-year mandate during an annual meeting. The High Council elects the president and the board of administrators for a 2-year mandate.

During the general meeting, held each year, the President delivers his address and the treasurer presents the balance sheet.


The syndicate is composed of nearly 350 members (land and agriculture surveyors registered on the national list), nearly 250 trainee members and nearly a hundred honorary members (former land and agriculture surveyors who have retired).


- Le Trait d'Union de l'Expertise Foncière, Agricole et Forestière (quarterly)

- TEGOVA FRANCE translated the European Valuation Standards 2016 into French

Awarding member association

Recognised European Valuer
Awarding Member Association

The association has the right to award Recognised European Valuer status (designated by the letters REV) to its members.

TEGoVA Residential Valuer
Residential Awarding Member Association

The association has the right to award TEGoVA Residential Valuer status (designated by the letters TRV) to its members.



The French TEGOVA member associations AFREXIM, CEF, CEIF-FNAIM, CNEI, CSN, IFEI, SNPI and UNIS formed TEGOVA FRANCE. Its main goal is to work together to pursue and defend common interests.