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Danish Association of Chartered Estate Agents  
country flag


Islands Brygge 43
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Tel: +45 70250999
Fax: +45 32644599


President: Torben Strøm
Vice-President: Alex Mandrup Paulsen
Director: Ole Hækkerup
Secretariat: 22 staff

Number of direct members: 2.804
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 610
Number of valuation companies: 495

Member of TEGoVA since: 1990
Category of membership: Full


Formed in 1912, the purpose of DE is to safeguard the business interests of approximately 95% of all practising Danish real estate agents.

Permanent Representative to TEGoVA

Marie Helms

Marie Helms MRICS

Head of Occupier Services
Associate Partner
Cushman & Wakefield | Red

Amaliegade 3, 5th floor
DK-1256 Copenhagen K

Office: +45 3313 1399
Mobile: +45 2578 2831

Brief History and Role

Dansk Ejendomsmæglerforening (DE) was formed in 1912.

The purpose of DE is to safeguard the members' (i.e. the Danish estate agents) business interests. The number of members amounted, as of August 1st 2006, to 2,800 real estate agents, which is approximately 95% of all practising Danish real estate agents. The members are either owner of an estate agency or employed in such a business. There are approximately 1,500 estate agencies in Denmark.

Principal Activities

* negotiates with public authorities, including the Danish Parliament, regarding all matters concerning the members
* represents the members in boards, tribunals and committees
* is the spokesman of the members towards government and the public and co-operates with other associations
* is responsible for courses and other educational activities towards the members
* is responsible for the provision of liability insurance and financial guarantee for the members towards consumers (each estate agent is by law required to establish a financial guarantee worth 2,5 million Danish Kroner - approximately 325,000 $ - as indemnity towards consumers)
* provides law courts with expert opinions regarding property matters
* seeks to enhance professional loyalty between its members
* sets rules of business ethic within the real estate industry
* is financially responsible for the running of a public Complaint Board, where consumers can complain about estate agents (this Board is established between the Danish Consumers' Board, The Danish House Owners Association and DE and deals with approximately 300 complaints annually)
* is responsible for the publication of the monthly magazine 'Ejendomsmægleren'
* is responsible for the wording of all standard documents in connection with buying and selling of houses in Denmark
* provides its members with 'hot-line' support for property matters and IT

DE is responsible for the following 3 websites: www.de.dk (the association's website) www.boligsiden.dk (the largest Danish database with 32,000 properties for sale and is visited by 1.3 million unique users per month) and www.oline.dk (the largest Danish database for commercial real estate for sale or for rent).

Principal Areas of Policy

See Principal Activities above.


The association consists of eight local associations, each of which has an independent board and chairman.

The association's leadership is in the hands of the Meeting of Delegates, the Executive Board and the Board of Local Chairmen.

The supreme authority of the association is in the hands of the Meeting of Delegates. the National President and the Executive Board are elected at this annual meeting, which normally takes place in the month of May. The Executive Board is responsible for the management of the association and appoints the Chief Executive Officer, who is responsible for the daily management of the secretariat.

The Board of Local Chairmen forms a link between the local associations and the Executive Board.


* Real estate agents (employees and employers)
* Real estate valuers
* Business valuers

The categories of membership are Full, Senior, and Associate.


The monthly magazine Ejendomsmægleren (11 issues a year).


For more information go to the Association website.