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Hungarian Real Estate Association (expelled on 11/12/2020) 
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Thököly út 58-60
HU-1146 Budapest

Tel: +36 1 336 0072
Fax: +36 1 3360073


President: Mr Péter Mehrli
Secretary General: Mr Sándor Kispal
Secretariat: 1 staff

Number of direct members: 361
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 124
Number of valuation companies: 280

Member of TEGoVA since: 2003
Category of Membership: Full


The Hungarian Real Estate Association (HREA) defends the interests of valuers, real estate agents, developers and property managers.

Permanent Representative to TEGoVA

Katalina Kurucz

Katalin Kurucz

Board Member of the Property Valuation Sub-Committee

Head of Collateral Management Department
Erste Bank Hungary
H- 1138 Budapest, Népfürdő str. 24-26.

Mobile: + 36 30 977 67 00

Brief History and Role

The Hungarian Real Estate Association was established by 21 real estate companies on 21st January 1991 (founding name: Chamber of Hungarian Real Estate Dealers). In December 1994 it became the Association of Hungarian Real Estate Dealers, and in May 1998 its present name was adopted.

Since the foundation a continuously increasing number of companies and individuals engaged in the real estate profession has recognized the necessity of joining a professional association which defends their interests. As a consequence, the number of our members has increased substantially and besides real estate agents - who dominated at the beginning of 90s - representatives of all real estate professions could be found among the members of the Association.

Today within the framework of the Professional Committee of the Association, 4 sub-committees help professional activity of real estate agents, appraisers, developers and managers.

Principal Activities

Members Services
The Association organizes and coordinates the efforts of the members engaged in property sales, brokerage, development, appraising, management and other activities related to real estate. Settles and represents their professional and economicts intrersts and supports free enterprise. Enhances the public image of the industry. Establishes and enforces the ethical rules and professional standards.

Public Affairs
Keeps track of, expresses opinions on and participates in legislative work affecting the activity of its members. It has continuous connection with government departments. It acts as a professional PR organization.

Education & Training
The Association assists the members to develop their professional knowledge, external relations and business activities. One of the main tasks of the Hungarian Real Estate Association is to promote continuous education of its members to insure permanent growth of the professional level of the membership. To achieve this task the Association organizes training courses, conferences, fairs and professional workshop meetings.

In 2003 the Association established the Certification Body (EUFIM) that task is to promote the creation and keeping of high national standards in the real estate profession. In 2005 the Certification Body of HREA passed accreditation according to EN ISO/IEC 17024 standard. The scope of accreditation is certification of r/e valuers and agents. In case of a successful certification the r/e expert gets an EUFIM certificate and stamp a a real estate professional field. During the validity period of certification (5 years) the monitoring group of Certification Body follows the certified expert's operation and further training.

Principal Areas of Policy

* Education
* Professional Standards
* Legislation
* Certification of r/e brokers and valuers


HREA is a civil professional registered Association operating according to the principles established in its statues. Its supreme body is a General Assembly.

An Ordinary General Meeting takes place at least once a year.

During the period between two sessions of the General Assembly the Association is governed by the Board consisting of 9 members. The Board organizes regular meetings at least once per month solving actual matters of the Association.

The daily activities are carried out by the Secretariat.

Five committees (Legal, Auditing, Professional, Educational, Ethical) and 4 subcommittees (real estate agents, valuers, developers and managers) help the professional activity of the Association.


Any body corporate or individual acting in real estate market, provided with legal licenses, who accepts the Statutes and Ethical rules of HREA, whose activity is covered with professional liability insurance, and undertakes to pay the membership fee can apply for membership.

Membership includes:
* valuers
* real estate agents
* real estate developers
* real estate managers


Own Publications

* Guidance on Tariffs of Real Estate Valuation Activity
* Guidance on Service Tariffs of Real Estate Agents
* Guidance for carrying out valuations
* MAISZ translated the European Valuation Standards 2009 into Hungarian.

EVS 2012

MAIZ translated the European Valuation Standards 2012 into Hungarian.