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Slovenian Institute of Auditors 
country flag


Dunajska cesta 106
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Tel: +386 1 568 55 54
Fax: +386 1 568 63 32


President: n.a.
Secretaries: n.a.

Number of direct members: 180
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): see above
Number of student members (individuals): none

Member of TEGoVA since: May 2014
Category of membership: Full


Permanent Representatives to TEGoVA

Karin Lušnic

Karin Lušnic

Member of the Appraisers Committee

Tel: +386 51 697 373

Saša Žižek

Saša Žižek

Certified Real Estate Appraiser

Na brezini 42
SI-1231 Ljubljana-Crnuce

Tel: +386 41 601 047

Brief History and Role

The Slovenian Institute of Auditors (SIR) was established on September 9th, 1993. SIR is an umbrella organisation for certified auditors, certified appraisers, internal auditors, accountants and IT specialists.
SIR is therefore:

• Adopting and publishing accounting standards, auditing rules, corporate finance standards and rules, internal auditing rules, information systems auditing rules, valuation rules;
• Defining the hierarchy of rules set out in previous point;
• Defining the professional competencies and experience required to perform the tasks of certified auditors and certified appraisers;
• Organizing professional training, carrying out examinations of professional competence, and issuing certificates;
• Defining the professional competencies and experiences necessary to acquire the professional titles;
• Supervision of the work of audit companies, certified auditors and certified appraisers
• Organizing professional training;
• Maintaining public registers of certified auditors and certified appraisers (also for other titles).

The Appraisers Committee is the body within SIR consisting of 5 elected certified appraisers (for a duration of 4 years). They act as advisory body to the SIR and are responsible for development of the appraisal profession.

Principal Areas of Policy

Valuation Hierarchy and within that:

• Auditing Act (relevant also for appraisers)
• Slovene Valuation Standards
• Guidance notes issued by SIR

Principal Activities

Principal activities of the Appraisers Committee refer to:

• Suggesting new developments to Valuation Hierarchy
• Preparing regular annual plan of continuing education
• Suggesting changes to regular education
• Following IVS and preparing reports for all registered appraisers
• Following local Laws and preparing updates for all appraisers


The Appraisers Committee is a body within the Institute of Auditors.

It consists of certified business appraisers, certified real estate appraisers and certified machinery & equipment appraisers.


All certified appraisers are members of Slovene Institute of Auditors.