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Albanian Society of Property Appraisers  
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Rr. 'Islam All ' Pallati "IVEA", Kati I dyte biznes

Tel: +355 4 452 0307


President: Adi Shamku
Managing Council:
Secretariat: 1

Number of direct members: 105
Number of qualified valuers: 105
Number of valuation companies: -

Member of TEGoVA since: 1996
Category of membership: Associate


Permanent Representative to TEGoVA

Adi Shamku

Adi Shamku


Mob.: +355 6920 96777

Brief History and Role

The Albanian Society of Property Appraisers was established on 1996 and is registered under Tirana Court Decision on February 2014.

SVP participates actively on the real estate market through the members of the organisation who are private licensed appraisers, academic staff of public universities, an valuers employed in the government and private sectors.

The seminars organised by SVP in the valuation field help the members to increase their educational knowledge.

Principal Activities

. To ensure compliance with principles, standards and professional ethics in the field of asset valuation;
. To provide and assist in the education and continuing education of real estate appraisers;
. To promote new scientific knowledge ;
. To contribute to development and transactions in the real estate market and participate in initiatives and legal consultations with government bodies to ensure protection of the interests of its members;
. To contribute to ensuring compliance with the principles, standards and professional ethics in the field of real estate assessment, standards and rules of international evaluation of real estate.

Principal Areas of Policy

Further strengthening of the SVP, its return in value added for each member. The denomination ASVP (member of the SVP) to be a professional, high quality brand that will be made between the market, which is becoming ever more competitive due to the growing number of evaluators. Each member needs to perfect his competitive skills to meet the requirements of the time but also the European future of the country.

The Association is a living organism, hanessing knowledge and experience to be the benefit of its members, to lead, orient, guide, protect and represent them in their daily work. It must be their refuge.


Governing Bodies:

• General Assembly
• Executive Council
• President of the Association

Auxiliary Bodies

• Treasurer
• Executive council secretary

See chart attached.

Each Member of the Executive Council is in charge of one section:

1. Regulation and professional ethics - for the purpose of drafting the regulations of the association and the recognition of professional best practices, establishes working groups for the implementation of the code of professional ethics;

2. Representation of the state institutions promoting the profession of assessors,their value and the commitment of members to the society, in order to expand other activity in other sectors of the economy, the revival of relations with other professional associations in the country; Representation in commission licenses;
to support all members of our association in the commission;

3. Standardisation work: Promoting National Standards Assessment (2010) and adapting them to the developments of the time; Unification of standards, methodologies among all members. The commitment includes preparation of all draft documentation and consultation with members of the association group of raters to achieve models for different types of properties. And commitment to the regulation of the profession in lobbying the government and for legitimacy in the '' National Standards Assessment '.

4. Educational the continuous commitment of the Member's leading young are our society and recognition of the needs, continuing professional education, recognising the code of ethics and professional practice, identifying collaboration opportunities. As well as providing special training programs for groups, differentiated members of the association etc; Drafting education program to fulfill the criteria REV TEGoVA.

5. Relations with regions and TEGoVA -Strengthen relations with TEGoVA, familiarity with all publications TEGoVA and EU directives relevant to valuation, building and maintaining relationships with counterpart organisations abroad, recognizing regional experiences. To develop a program for meeting the minimum criteria of education, parameters required for REV.

6. Marketing, advertising and finance, advertising the association through publishing tools and print media. The main commitment will be updating web site, other social websites. Informational materials will be prepared for presentations on line, recognition by means of technology and innovation. Will organize and supervise all organizational work for the realization of magazine publishing project "Albanian Evaluator". There will be engagement through counseling on line for association members, etc.


Active members registered in court are 105.


1.To recognise and llegitimise the "National Standards Property Valuation", by institutions in government and parliament;
2. To Promote valuation standards (SEV, SNV, etc.), but also through education. Unification of standards, methodologies among all members; design and study fees for evaluation;
3. "Continuing Professional Education" as a necessary criterion, preparing differentiated training programs at various levels, in accordance with the criteria of vocational education of TEGoVA;
4. To revitalize relations with TEGoVA, but also with other organisations from which we will share knowledge and experience, so necessary today where globalizing markets and standards and unified;
5. To increase the number of members, but without compromising quality;
6. To prepare special training programs for young members of the association;
7. To apply flexible policies for membership fees. (Differentiated for evaluation quota active in the market and evaluation as supplementary or additional profession, studio evaluation, or individuals, etc.)
8. To improve financial situation of the society by increasing the percentage of members who pay dues, New membership and the organization of differentiated training programs .

The short term program:

• Internal organization
• Legal Consultancy
• Draft regulations of association
• Construction of sections of work
• Develop work plans for sections
• Flexible Policy for the members quota
• Continuous Professional Qualification

The medium term:

• The regulation of the legal framework of the profession of evaluators
• Defining service fee assessment orientation
• Advertising Association web, publications
• Preparation and distribution of publications in the field of evaluation
• Deepening relationships with TEGoVA.
• Dissemination of information on new technological developments (profession infrastructure)
• Member Advice for avoiding problems and risk
• Deepening of relations with other associations in the country and abroad
• Online counseling professional practice issues daily work
• Build summary of legislation in the field of evaluation
• Lobbying for recognition in the government of the CVD order their approval

Long-term program:

• Completion of criteria for REV TEGoVA.
• Recognition and approval of CVD National Standards Assessment

We constantly and consistently will provide to each member:

• All information collected for the profession of evaluator, and evaluation of assets with appropriate legal advice simultaneously
• Individual continuous care for each member,
• qualified assistance for solving problems