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November 19, 2020 - November 21, 2020

Bundesverband öffentlich bestellter und vereidigter sowie qualifizierter Sachverständiger e.V. – BVS and Hochschule Wismar, Department of Civil Engineering, have the honour of inviting you to the historic town of Potsdam, Germany, for the 30th Baltic Valuation Conference.

Potsdam 19-21 November 2020


The Conference

The tradition of the conference is that the conference participants present cases and/or ex-periences from their profession.

Please register as a speaker and share your experiences.

The Baltic Valuation Conference is a non-formal meeting of valuers of countries around the Baltic Sea.

It does not only offer an informative exchange of experience and methods, but provides also personal contact to colleagues in other countries.

Main topics:

* Valuation of a condominion with comparison method (data of condominion provided by host, valuation approach according to national usage incl. data from automated valuation or theories on valuation models).

* Rights and burdens on real estate and their influence on the value

The Programme

Available soon.

In 2020 the German Association of Experts (BVS) will host the BVC and would like to invite you to participate. Actually the planning process has not been completed, but date, town and topics are fixed. The conference is to take place from June 11th until 13th, 2020 in Potsdam. So we do hope you will spread the information to your members and encourage them to join this unique conference and take part yourselves as well.

You will find more information on www.baltic-valuation-conference.org and receive the final invitation as soon as it is published.


For information about the conference, please contact:

Bernhard Bischoff (info@sachverstaendiger-bischoff.de) or Ina Viebrok-Hörmann ( info@sv-hoermann.de) for further details.

Baltic Valuation Conference – BVC


Since 1989 the Baltic Valuation Conference - BVC has been an important meeting for appraisers from countries around the Baltic Sea. Being not only a good opportunity for the exchange of expertise, but also an easy way for networking across borders this conference has been a benefit for many appraisers in the past and hopefully will be in the future.

The Baltic Valuation Conference is something special as there is no board, no members and no permanent organizing committee - it is driven only by the will of appraisers and their national associations to keep it going. In the course of time the conference has held close contact to the Chambers of Commerce being responsible for the certification of experts in Germany as well as to universities teaching Real Estate Business or Research.