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Ivars Strautiņš Appointed Member of the EFRAG Advisory Panel on Intangibles

March 18, 2020


As of March 6th, 2020, Ivars Strautiņš REV from LIVA (Latvian Association of Property Appraisers) is delegated to represent TEGOVA in the EFRAG Advisory Panel on Intangibles.

The role of the EFRAG Advisory Panel on Intangibles is to support EFRAG TEG in providing its technical advice to the EFRAG Board by providing input to the EFRAG research project on better information on intangibles. This research project investigates possible improvements to the current requirements for accounting on intangibles under IFRS Standards. The Advisory Panel will discuss what useful information on intangibles would be and the extent to which this information would be possible to prepare. The discussions will be based on real and constructed examples of information in the annual report on how an entity creates, maintain and enhance value. The Advisory Panel will work as a "laboratory" for testing practical ideas about existing and proposed reporting practices. The Advisory Panel will operate as a discussion forum of users (including valuators) and preparers in close collaboration with the standard setters and organisations that have already published reports on intangibles. The question the Panel is intended to deal with are:

  • Is it confusing that acquired intangibles are recognised on the statement of financial position whilst the non-acquired intangibles are not?
  • Should internally generated intangibles be recognised in the statement of financial position?
  • Would a statement of core intangibles measured at fair value in the notes be useful? To what extent is this usefulness impacted by the embedded assumptions, potential management bias, lack of independent challenge and inconsistencies across businesses?
  • Should the cost of developing unrecognised intangible assets be separately disclosed?
  • Would KPIs on core intangibles, following the business plan, and a link with financial performance measures be useful?
  • What other information regarding intangibles could be useful?

Up to now as part of its research project on better information on intangibles EFRAG has published A literature review on the reporting of intangibles.pdf with their findings in different publications available on the issue.

Ivars Strautins

Ivars Strautiņš REV

Initially qualified as an architect, since 1992 Ivars Strautiņš's main professional activities have been advisory support in PHARE, GTZ, EC and publicly financed institution-building projects, business consulting and the practice of real estate, business and intangible property valuation.

He has been certified as a Business and Intangible Property Valuer and as a Real Estate Property Valuer by the Latvian Association of Valuers (LIVA) since 1998. He is a Member of the Board of LIVA responsible for property valuation standardisation issues and for maintaining the professional certification system for property valuers in Latvia.

Ivars Strautiņš is a member of TEGoVA's European Business Valuation Standards Board which drafted European Business Valuation Standards to be launched soon and has been a Member of TEGoVA's Recognition Committee auditing Recognised European Valuers (REVs) and TEGOVA Residential Valuers (TRVs), the elite of the profession, since 2011.



EFRAG -European Financial Reporting Advasory Group - is a private association established in 2001 with the encouragement of the European Commission to serve the public interest.

EFRAG's mission is to serve the European public interest by developing and promoting European views in the field of financial reporting and ensuring these views are properly considered in the IASB standard-setting process and in related international debates. EFRAG ultimately provides advice to the European Commission on whether newly issued or revised IFRS Standards meet the criteria in the IAS Regulation for endorsement for use in the EU, including whether endorsement would be conducive to the European public good. EFRAG stimulates innovation in corporate reporting through the European Corporate Reporting Lab@EFRAG's work in sharing good practices, which also complements and contributes to our work on financial reporting.