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Roger Messenger Has Left Us

November 16, 2020

Message from the Chairman

My very dear friends and colleagues,

I must inform you of the sudden and unexpected death this morning of Roger Messenger.

Roger was the watershed leader of TEGOVA. He took over a poor, weak and rudderless organisation and turned it into the force that it is today. He united factions, gave a clear steer and oversaw a complete reorganisation. An Englishman, he led the Europeanisation of TEGOVA that has taken us so far.

He does not leave us weakened, because what he did was built to last.

We mustn't separate Roger the man from his achievements as leader, because his personal qualities are what made hard decisions acceptable to all. We respected the absolute top professional, enjoyed the musician, and took heart in the familiar friendliness that made us feel that TEGOVA is truly ours.

We shall have the opportunity to honour him when we finally meet. In the meantime, I offer Lynne, his family and friends the condolences of all TEGOVA.

Krzysztof Grzesik

Roger Messenger

Roger Messenger (1958 -2020)

Vice-Chairman of TEGOVA (May 2014 - November 2020)

- Treasurer (2003-2006)

Roger Messenger represented the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation (IRRV) at the Board of TEGOVA since April 2006.

- Member (April 2006 - November 2020)

- Chairman (April 2007 - May 2014)

He was also:

- Chairman of the Recognition Committee

- Chairman of the European Valuation Qualification Board (EVQB)