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TEGoVA,The European Group of Valuers' Associations, is a European non profit making association composed of 61 valuers' associations from 33 countries representing more than 70.000 valuers in Europe.

New Members


The European Central Bank Favours EVS

In preparing for its November 2014 takeover of banking supervisory power, the ECB required the biggest banks in the Union subject to the SSM to value their real estate exposures in line with EVS within the Asset Quality Review process, emphasising that if other standards are chosen, in case of conflict, EVS prevails.


TEGoVA Counsels European Banking Authority on Mortgage Lending Value and Valuer Independence

The EBA has been drafting regulatory technical standards impacting the valuation profession covering MLV and independence of valuers. TEGoVA has advised the EBA.


TEGoVA Spring Meeting

German association members offer warm welcome to valuers from Europe and beyond.

▪ TEGoVA Launches Residential Valuer Qualification

▪ European Definition of Market Value Clarified

▪ Lothar Jerzembek Awarded Hon REV